Still breathing. X)

on Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello People!!!

Thought of making a small comeback to my blog before I lose my sentimental touch to it. So once again I'm stepping back into the blog-sphere after so long.
By now I guess you're thinking ' Ouh ya, Hare! I remember you. Where have you been man? "... NO? haha..!

Well a lot of things happened to me since last I made my appearance.
So without holding em' any longer, let my reminisce some highlights of my past 6 months! ( 6 months eh?! Perhaps I was really 'busy', sigh :/ )

After weeks of basic theory class, and passing my radio calls test, I finally got to become airborne! X) My first flight was awesome and terrible. I came down with body full of sweats, bag full of pukes and a big big smile on my face. XD So far I've done some of my solo flights ( where ONLY me in a/c, hehe ), passed my 1st flight test and earned a wing!!

Theory wise, lucky me everything is still going fine, cleared my PPL theory ( private pilot license), and now doing CPL's, 7 subjects, 3 down, 4 to go!!

Talk about my life in Gold Coast - WONDERFUL!

Ah I love Australia, the way they greet, they way they speak, they way they dress ( hey hey ~ XD), the way they live, o'l of all, the way they are!

I'm staying in Bilinga, incase you don't know, this place is less crowded in comparison with other hot spots like Surfers Paradise, or even Brisbane, or Sydney, or Melbourne, haha.. or Perth? Most of the people here are old folks, some adults some kids. And that's exactly why I love this place!

People are very lovely here. They greet you with broad smile every time you pass by, which you'd find this rare in Malaysia :S And it's pretty much exactly the same to the cashiers, counters, or anywhere you go.
And above all, their accent, or what we call, 'Strine ', you gotta listen yourself ! XP

But of course, as many good person you can see, there exists, hooligans. And these trouble makers come out of nowhere, and do whatever makes them happy. ==
And us, the outsiders being their loyal victims. I'll give you some examples of my dramatic escapes out of their what seemingly for me, Genius act.

1. I was waiting for bus with my friends, and a sudden flash and Bang!, one whole loaf of bread struck one of my friend, leave him stupefied in terror. I was lucky standing at right place. X)
It was horrible, but hey.. we've got a loaf of bread.

2. We were cycling back to home, and again, same flash same Bang!, a half- full bottle flew across hitting our bikes. :S *Lucky....

3. Same flash same Bang! same terror.

Silly behaviors? Think again, they can identify you in great distance, while their car moving fast, and yet in that split second manage to get breads, aim, anticipate the speed and using projectile motion, correct angle correct timing with correct strength, and HIT you. Genius.
They do it so often, they mastered it! :/

But still, despite the racism , living here is cool!
One of another reasons, we have a lot of rare birds all over the places. You'd probably surprised to see those birds do actually get near you, and share the streets and all. Would you actually believe that, just like in Malaysia you see pigeons everywhere, here you see PARROTS everywhere?! You betta ! : )
The wild life here is so rich!
You're nature lover? Then this is definitely your place. ; )

Splendid! So these are tad of my life so far. Busy, fun, interesting, and scary. I 'll share my days time to time from now. ( I'll try, haha )

For now, I'll act like a tree, and 'leaf'.... X )


CuRLy h@ir Boii ^^ k@l - EL said...

nice come back yo. ;D

chanzhe said...

haha, finally i saw some updates here. i know u r still breathing very strongly hare.

நினைவலைகள்... Ninaivalaigal said...

After dark comes brightness, Good and bad are every where be alert and move forward...