Still breathing. X)

on Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello People!!!

Thought of making a small comeback to my blog before I lose my sentimental touch to it. So once again I'm stepping back into the blog-sphere after so long.
By now I guess you're thinking ' Ouh ya, Hare! I remember you. Where have you been man? "... NO? haha..!

Well a lot of things happened to me since last I made my appearance.
So without holding em' any longer, let my reminisce some highlights of my past 6 months! ( 6 months eh?! Perhaps I was really 'busy', sigh :/ )

After weeks of basic theory class, and passing my radio calls test, I finally got to become airborne! X) My first flight was awesome and terrible. I came down with body full of sweats, bag full of pukes and a big big smile on my face. XD So far I've done some of my solo flights ( where ONLY me in a/c, hehe ), passed my 1st flight test and earned a wing!!

Theory wise, lucky me everything is still going fine, cleared my PPL theory ( private pilot license), and now doing CPL's, 7 subjects, 3 down, 4 to go!!

Talk about my life in Gold Coast - WONDERFUL!

Ah I love Australia, the way they greet, they way they speak, they way they dress ( hey hey ~ XD), the way they live, o'l of all, the way they are!

I'm staying in Bilinga, incase you don't know, this place is less crowded in comparison with other hot spots like Surfers Paradise, or even Brisbane, or Sydney, or Melbourne, haha.. or Perth? Most of the people here are old folks, some adults some kids. And that's exactly why I love this place!

People are very lovely here. They greet you with broad smile every time you pass by, which you'd find this rare in Malaysia :S And it's pretty much exactly the same to the cashiers, counters, or anywhere you go.
And above all, their accent, or what we call, 'Strine ', you gotta listen yourself ! XP

But of course, as many good person you can see, there exists, hooligans. And these trouble makers come out of nowhere, and do whatever makes them happy. ==
And us, the outsiders being their loyal victims. I'll give you some examples of my dramatic escapes out of their what seemingly for me, Genius act.

1. I was waiting for bus with my friends, and a sudden flash and Bang!, one whole loaf of bread struck one of my friend, leave him stupefied in terror. I was lucky standing at right place. X)
It was horrible, but hey.. we've got a loaf of bread.

2. We were cycling back to home, and again, same flash same Bang!, a half- full bottle flew across hitting our bikes. :S *Lucky....

3. Same flash same Bang! same terror.

Silly behaviors? Think again, they can identify you in great distance, while their car moving fast, and yet in that split second manage to get breads, aim, anticipate the speed and using projectile motion, correct angle correct timing with correct strength, and HIT you. Genius.
They do it so often, they mastered it! :/

But still, despite the racism , living here is cool!
One of another reasons, we have a lot of rare birds all over the places. You'd probably surprised to see those birds do actually get near you, and share the streets and all. Would you actually believe that, just like in Malaysia you see pigeons everywhere, here you see PARROTS everywhere?! You betta ! : )
The wild life here is so rich!
You're nature lover? Then this is definitely your place. ; )

Splendid! So these are tad of my life so far. Busy, fun, interesting, and scary. I 'll share my days time to time from now. ( I'll try, haha )

For now, I'll act like a tree, and 'leaf'.... X )

Long waited reality, and a new blog

on Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's never gonna be the same old life for all, well at least for me anymore. You might ask what kind of big deal different life I'm about to dive into, 1st of all, I'm coming back to my non- nocturnal life again : ) Honestly, my daily routine was totally screwed, for almost half a year. O.O Going to bed at 9 or 10 morning, waking up at 6 evening, having only one meal per day, it seems fun and free, but you gotta thrust me, it is NOT ! Weeks will go by before you realize your normal performance is going down, you will try to sleep earlier in the NIGHT, and end up staring your ceiling for the whole night. But hey, I got my sense back at the right moment have I not ?

Next, ah this is the important one. Some of you might already knew that I longed to become a pilot. Well now it is not a dream anymore, and I'm going for the flying course in Australia under AirAsia, who gave me the opportunity to endeavor my dream. So say bye bye to my wake up -> tea time -> basketball -> dinner - > PPS - > sleep life! It's gonna be tough for a newbie like me in aviation world. Being in total different place, surrounded by the white, which I always wanted to be, back to my all day study track ( long ago XP ) , but I bet it's gonna be the craziest moments I will have.

Anyway, I aware that there are still a lot of aspiring pilots out there, those who already have their goal in front of their nose, and also some who don't even have a clue. I'd been in their shoes so I could exactly understand how it feels. For that mean I created a blog, specially for those who in need of guidance, by providing updates about aviation, and of course, a tad bit of my pilot life. ; )

Good news for those who are still waiting chance to spread your wings,
one more pilot's blog -
to make you one more step closer to your dream.

Wish me luck people, X )
And, good luck.

Till then, I remain.

Michael Jackson is ALIVE !!

on Monday, July 13, 2009

Wondering what drives me to blog again after so long ( real long !) ? and why today ?!
It is because of HIM again.. the greatest entertainer King-of-Pop Michael Jackson !

I am a fan of Michael Jackson since 4 or 5, in my young days, I used to dance ( make a spin and take the hat off just like MJ ) whenever I hear his songs. My father bought one of MJ's album [HISTORY] , well that time it was in video tapes, and my whole family never get bored watching it over and over !

Since the heart rendering news shocked the world, "Michael Jackson is Dead" this headline had its long journey through out the nets and blog- pheres. While most of the people already came to a conclusion that he is Dead and Gone.. there are still lots who believe their life-long idol is still Alive, and without any hesitation I claim myself one of them. Well these are my very own reasons why I think MJ is not dead !

1 - Elvis's Faked Death -
Is Elvis Alive? This is the question that has been on the minds of many people for the better part of 1988. There' was all kinds of conspiratorial theories floating around on everything. Just like the kind of MJ, he was the King-of-Rock, and he was supposed to perform in Asheville, a lot of fans bought the tickets but he died 10 days before.

“Michael is following in the footsteps of a man he greatly admired – another rock icon, Elvis Presley, who also faked his death and is still alive, and in hiding, today,” William Stern, who has written extensively on Presley.

2- Cardiac Arrest Incident -
Lots of arguments and evidence have been discussed for the past few weeks around the world. Some of the thoughts still floating around are like :
a) It wasn't MJ at all. The body found by paramedics is actually lifelike detailed replica of the star, while the paramedics themselves are hired by King of Pop to fool the camera crews.
b) the coffin carried into the helicopter is too small for MJ's body.
c) a sharp eyed viewer noticed something VERY odd in a video of Micheal Jackson's corpse being flown to the morge for an autopsy, where the copse SITS STRAIGHT UP as the helicopter lands !
d) now the paramedics / doctor is missing !

3 - Confusing Autopsy -
They have clarified that MJ was overdosed (?) and only pills were found in his stomach. While most of the people believe that he relied on pain killers, especially for the last rehearsals, I personally think that he don't need any heavy drugs for himself. The best dancer who has been dancing for his whole life, after a short break, having difficulties to make his OWN moves? Come on, even those strenuous dance routines look impossible to be imitated, for MJ they are only simple moves. From the video of his last rehearsal, he looked just fine and energetic. Believe me, his desire to dance again on the stage was burning and he was ever ready for the day!

4 - That's his way -
If you look at his history, at some of the stunts he’s pulled to keep himself in the public eye, to maintain a sense of mystery about who he is and what he’s all about, the idea that he would fake his death makes sense.

So if he did really faked his death, WHY ?!

To life a live - Some says he faked the death in elaborate hoax to escape the media. And now probably resting in his private place(probably Hungary), away from everyone's prying eyes and the clamor of paparazzi covering his "funeral" and "autopsy". All he wanted is a normal life and some times to rest. I agree on this very much, if I were him I would do exactly the same !

Debt - He 'was' carrying a 500 Million $ debt on him, and being realized that even the last show would not lucrative enough and could not raise that much of amount, he decided to end this with his last 'fatal' move. ( as what people say)

Too Old for the Final Curtain - Having weaker body compared to the past, he afraid he could not deliver the same excitement and craziness to his fans, and to risk his fame and flop is not a wise idea neither. ( this is the reason most of my friends suggest and this is so not true !! )

"This is It" Final Curtain -
Regarding to final call he announced months ago, he was supposed to make a perfect comeback tour, the whole world was anxious and excited, black-market tickets worth millions of dollar were sold out within that month! and the fans of MJ were revived back again, but with the news MJ being dead, TODAY : 13 July 2009, the stage and field remain silence.
There was a rumor saying Justin Timberlake would perform on the night (for free), as a tribute to MJ, and I personally guessed that maybe all of the MJ's impersonators will gather and perform :S but since there is no news about anything yet so far, well at least for me.. I'm actually disappointed, today should be the craziest day of decades where thousands of thousands of people fill the field watching HIM dance again.

Michael Jackson - The Pioneer
The King did proved that he's the one moved and changed the musical era into new one! If you google and check, actually people from then did not actually care about Music Videos or even songs. But after a series of MJ's MV rocked the world, people started to use MV as an expressing medium. Being the King of Pop, he created lots of unique and catchy rythms. He created the Moonwalk, he started the pop and lock dance, robot dance, he even beatbox before everyone else.

Best dance move ever - MoonWalk.
The moonwalk is a dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while walking in place. This incredible move was 1st seen during a "Billie Jean" performance in 1983. It subsequently became his signature move, and is now one of the best-known dance techniques in the world. Apart from just a move, it has been an expressing method for the people. When your friends talk about MJ, at least one of them will do the moonwalk, and even when you're on a smooth surface ( e.g mall ) , you'll do the moonwalk. Here are some videos of how moonwalk and his music have influenced the world. " )

MoonWalk Everywhere!

Thriller at Wedding !

Thriller in Rehabilitation ?!!

Pepsi Commercial ( my favourite ! ^^ )

The 'dad-gone it' boy -
Having so much of love for children, he build the Neverland (2600 acres ! ). It is named after Neverland, the fantasy island in peterpan story, his favorite fantasy character. He did all those because he himself never had childhood memories before. He lived in fear and torture of his father when he was kid and so he don't want other kids to have same experience too!
But after all, that freaggin' moron filed such a case on MJ, accusing him for molesting. It is obvious that he just wanted MJ's money. Everyone knows that MJ would not do such thing, in fact it is true that he let the evil (kid) sleep on his bed while he himself slept on the ground. The boy ofcourse earned millions for the case to be settled, while money was not a problem, MJ was deeply hurt.
Honestly, people would pay anything to touch MJ, and what this homo-kid did was just idiotic.

Star, and a pacifist.
I bet if you're asked about any pacifist, the 1st person comes to your mind would be MJ. Apart of being very pure and lovable, he is the main symbolic icon for peace and freedom. "Heal the Wolrd", "Earth", "We Are The World", " They dont really care about us", " Black or White" etc are some of his MV delivering the message PEACE and LOVE.

Well, I can really keep writing about my star if time allows, it is just too much about him!
Since now everyone believe that he is dead, maybe he can finally rest without people nudging him.
But if you ask me the question again, I 'm still standing on my side, He is still ALIVE!

And in the strangest twist of all, once he’s rested and ready, Michael Jackson, the living legend, the King of Pop, will blow the lid off his own hoax – and embark on the most spectacularly lucrative concert tour in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, once again .